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Cozad Team At Cozad, we measure success by the results we get for our clients, not by square footage or the number of completed deals. We achieve these results by remaining true to three simple ideas:


We listen. We know that the only way we can give you our best effort is by understanding your business goals, investment strategies, and short and long-term objectives. We believe the only kind of business relationship is an open and honest one.  



We take the time to get to know your business and we treat it as if it was our own – kind of a "roll up your sleeves" involvement. We think business partnerships demand fair, honorable, and ethical administration, and you'll see those qualities reflected in our day-to-day dedication to your success.  



We'll be a "sounding board" for your ideas, and bring our knowledge, expertise, technology, and best judgment to the table. Our job is to be your trusted advisor, partner, and to bring you innovative real estate solutions that will help grow your business.

We’ve always strived to be a leader in St. Louis commercial real estate – providing a full range of brokerage, consulting, and property management services. What makes us different isn’t so much what we do, but how we do it.

For instance, we don’t believe in simply ‘doing deals’ then moving on – we build long-term relationships. We don’t want to be just your broker or real estate manager – we want to be your strategic business advisor, a true partner invested in your success.

In other words, we’re not really like other commercial real estate companies. When we aim for success, we aim high, and we think our record speaks for itself. But more importantly, we think that when you work with us, your expectations for success should be just as high.

So talk with us. We think you’ll find our style is genuine, warm, and responsive. And whether your business challenge is expansion, enhancing your assets, or effectively consolidating your operations, we have the expertise and technology to provide you with smart counsel and solutions focused on helping your business prosper and meeting your high expectations.